For years, Tile Market has been the source of all types of tile for commercial and residential applications. Architects, interior designers, and builders have found we offer an unmatched selection of tile and superior customer service. By sourcing our products from all over the globe, we can meet the demands of any project.

Tile Market’s expert sales team will assist you to imagine the possibilities when you see the hundreds of tile samples displayed here in our showroom. By representing such a broad spectrum of manufacturers, we are able to color match and find the perfect tile to fulfill your project’s needs.

Due to the sheer number of tile options available at Tile Market, many designers and builders use our showroom for inspiration and a resource. Our expert team can aid in design ideas with our expert knowledge of products and information.

We invite you to come and find out why so many designers and builders have made Tile Market their only resource for tile in Jacksonville. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert representatives, or just stop by to be sure you will find that perfect tile you have been searching for.

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Stone flooring has been used for thousands of years, and it provides an atmosphere and attitude that can only be experienced with stone. Stone is a natural, warm and durable flooring solution for residential and commercial spaces.

There is a vast offering of stone products with varying attributes and characteristics. Whether you are a beginner in the stone world or a novice, we encourage you to come in and speak with one of our experts for assistance navigating the many options. Come into the showroom and begin your own adventure exploring all the stone options offered at Tile Market to find that perfect stone that was worth searching for.


We are honored to represent some of the industries most respected porcelain tile manufacturers which offer quality and style that can make any design scheme meet or exceed expectations. With so many textures, looks, color pallets, and styles to choose from in the showroom, finding that perfect look is no problem.

Check out our Manufacturers to browse their extensive galleries. Once you see something of interest, come into the showroom to view the sample and place an order.


A commercial grade porcelain tile offers very durable yet tasteful and often stunning appearances to lobbies, halls and other high traffic areas. Porcelain tile, like the other types of tile, is also available in a vast array of styles and designs including finishes of stone and slate, wood, marble, and in a variety of surface textures.

Browse each of the manufacturers’ galleries below to select a porcelain tile that may be right for your project. Then contact us for available, delivery, intervals, and pricing.


Decorative tiles are the eye candy to complete the space. Architects, designers, builders, and homeowners alike all know the importance of the wow factor when creating a unique and inspiring environment.

With so many textures, patterns, materials, and styles available at Tile Market, we have the decorative tile that will captivate and declare the atmosphere of any project. Browse our manufactures to find that perfect style you were looking for or stop by the showroom to view our many sample options.